Foodie I am. I cannot deny that. After work, I will make a few stops at certain food joints as I wait on the long queue at the bus stop to die down. My fingers will always do the walking and slip into my handbag. The side pocket though; because that is where I store the loose coins. Ten bob, twenty bob… hmmm and a five bob. I like this day.

food mwitu

The guy next to me tempts me. The aroma coming from his sausage full trolley and that kachumbari! Damn! I want smokie pasua. Ahhh… forget the group of fly guys standing in front me. I will go ratchet for my stomach any day! I really want this. Here I go…

smokie pasua

Another day, another rumbling from my stomach, another crave. This time, I want mutura from that guy around Kangemi. Since I am meeting my friend Brian, I can tag him along. He is just the coolest guy you can ever have around you when you want to escape from your sanity and go ghetto for a second.


I meet him and we pace towards the shady umbrella engulfing a smoking grill and table.Hmmmm.. Lots of meat to choose from today. There’s mutura, mara, and some sort of assorted set of meat. He chops us mutura ya 40 bob; mbao mbao kila mtu. We pour his water like kachumbari onto the chopping board.


Tap after tap on that kachumbari, with pilli pilli and salt, it feels like heaven. We exchange conversations of how we fear diarrhea after a taste of this guilty pleasure.

*sigh* We must do this again. Next time, we shall invade the bhajia mwitu guy whose stand is just next to the mutura one. I got my eye on you bhajia…

bhajia mwitu

Do you love food mwitu? Which is your favorite? Let us know below.