“conscious Love”


There’s a particular ego if not a illusion which is attributed to lovers who tend to get concerned about each other’s acts or deeds, try to be inquisitive and asking on things they suspect aren’t going right- ‘’you are insecure/you feel inferior/you’re jealous/you have a low esteem’’ are the terms they get. Ok I agree to some extend that some acts may go as far as really being so and thus meaning your confidence and trust in the other is waning when things get overboard; But from a critical view I wish to point out that getting concerned with what your partner does, what you are not ok with and their relationship with the opposite sex to a great extent shows that you love him or her, you care about them and what they do, that you are not ready to lose them and you value them; it could as far as go to meaning you want them to be of good character away from what you don’t like.
Being cautious doesn’t mean jealous, trusting is not naivety, trust with a brain; Loving with a brain also mean that you also care enough about yourself and that you might be victim of consequences, your soul is at stake. Love flows when ones conscience is ok with other and the mind is settled, that’s when pheromones are released to create the excitement and love feeling. Lovers who are cheaters can be trusted by their partners so well and it remains to be questioned by only those who witness the acts of cheating not the victim lover, sometimes the one being cheated on can never trust your words if you told them that their lover is cheating on them and would term you ‘enemy of their love’: This is just a result of the scheming aspect-I’d say ‘’good players are actually good schemers’’, through their scheming they’ve managed to colonise the mind of their partners to trust them rather immortally. Therefore lovers must be smart too.
Trust is earned not said, it’s the continued acts of a partner that make the mind and conscience of their partner accept them to be justifiably clean; therefore not every word said “I trust you” means it, you must earn it from your lover, show them they should trust you because it comes from the subconscious mind. Advice to lovers is to be keen that they are not trusting scheming but their real lover. As I always say I can only trust a hyena with meat if I left it with it and found it there even for a day, if someone told me I’d never agree that it does until I see: What we continually see and judge is what makes us trust. You have a mind, you have conscience, you have eyes and all other senses use them well for your hearts care lies in their judgement of everything. Love cautiously and consciously.

#SILENT_THOUGHTS by Mmera Maxwel Ayera