Contraceptives have been referred to as one of the best and convenient inventions in the twentieth century by most scholars. The effective use of contraceptives, a social issue that is left unspoken. Maybe, it is the embarrassment that comes with it or the stigma and judgment. This is probably something your mother won’t teach you, maybe school will, the internet or the best teacher, experience. There is no shame when one is of age and sexually active, well nature has to take its course.

Common Methods of Contraception

Contraception is the intentional prevention of pregnancy through various methods. The two most common forms of contraception are:

  1. Condoms
  2. Oral contraception

Myth No. 1

Well the common myth behind the use of condoms is that it limits the sensitivity. But with its constant modification and tailor made condoms (size, flavor, texture), there is a variety for all.


Myth No. 2

The less talked about form of contraception is the oral kind, which is 92% to 99% effective. Main myth is that the pills make you gain weight.


Myth No. 3

Other myths may include: birth defect, cancer and infertility. Facts show that there is no evidence of the above mentioned effects of the use of oral contraception.


However, the effectiveness of this form of contraception all depends on how well the individual is informed about it. How well she knows her body and what works well for her and of course the regular intake.

According to one young lady in campus, she was lucky enough that it was her mother who taught her about a woman’s sexuality. She was taken through both the theoretical and practical lessons on how well to prevent unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

The more we talk about such social issues openly, the more we get the message out there, that adapting various contraception methods  may reduce the high levels of teenage pregnancies, abortion and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

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