Ringtone Apoko is a controversial gospel artist. he is always on the hook for many reasons. Despite growing up with challenges, the “Pamela” hit maker has made Kenyans to laugh at some times.

After Zari broke up with Diamond, Ringtone was quick to propose to the boss lady. He bought a car and branded the name of Zari Hassan. He is always on the netizens tongues all the time.

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Ringtone is also one artist who doesn’t shy from expressing his ideologies. When Eric Omondi was rumored to have broken up with Chantel, Ringtone already expressed his love towards the beauty Italian lad.

His latest celebrity stand has been about his frequent posts looking for a marriage partner. Ringtone seems to be desperate and has even mentioned the woman she would love to spend the rest of his life with.

Who will save Ringtone from this desperation? He has also extended the search to all netizens including renowned men and women of God to help out in this journey. Is it a celebrity stunt? Is it desperation? Well only time will tell….