Desperate moments calls for desperate decisions and that is what seems to be in the mind of controversial singer Ringtone. After a long search for a wife without baring any fruits, Ringtone decides to visit Bishop Allan and Reverend Kathy Kiuna Church.

Ringtone went to Instagram to express how he was mishandled after the sermon.  In an instagram post the “Pamela” hitmaker described how Bishop Kiuna’s security didn’t let him express his search for a wife outside the church premises.

Who’s to blame for Ringtone woes? Well the security man may be didn’t understand where Ringtone was coming from. He could also be naive about who Ringtone in the music industry or he was just doing his job altogether.

Kenyans went ahead to bash the singer and even advised him to look for ways of getting a loved one. Majority feel that Ringtone is belittling himself as others also see it as a celebrity stunt.

Ladies out there, can you kindly save Ringtone from this desperate situation he is in.