Pastor David Owuor was in the headlines recently after claims that he had resurrected one of the worshippers, Mama Rosa.

Meanwhile, It’s a Sunday morning and a healing and deliverance miracle service is on at the lleluia Ministries International church, north of Joburg, lead by Pastor Alph Lukau.

Wheelchair-bound congregants are rising up and walking, those who struggle to walk and use crutches toss them aside and start running. But something much bigger is about to hit.

While these miracles were still going on inside the church, a hearse pulls up outside, with weeping family members in tow.

Lukau is called outside to tend to the mourners, who’ve brought a deceased man in a coffin. He’d allegedly been dead since Friday.

Some minutes later, the coffin is opened, with thousands of eyes now watching, Lukau lays his hands on the dead man in a white suit named Elliot, prays and boom! – the man is brought back to life.

The congregants and Elliot’s family lose it. A miracle has happened right before their eyes and in broad daylight.

the miracle of resurrection was performed in full glare of the cameras

A clip of the ‘miracle’ is posted on social media, sending users into a frenzy over the authenticity of this alleged act of God wrought through the hands of a ‘man of God’.

Questions from the public have varied: Is this real? Why did the man not look like someone who’d been dead two days? Where is his death certificate? Why was he not immediately tended to by a health care professional?

The funeral parlour which brought the coffin to the church, Kings and Queens Funerals, were duped into being part of the spectacle.

The popular South African pastor is described by his followers as a man of God that has the ability to heal any kind of illness is also claimed to be the richest pastor in the world following his posh lifestyle.

Pastor Alph Lukau’s flashy lifestyle

Lukau and his church are yet to publicly respond to claims that the miracle was staged.