Cool Kid? Where Do You Hang Out?


If you claim to be a cool kid, then you better be familiar with the following places because you are a regular there. If not, then that title is about to speak for itself because I got you. These are the kind of places that can transition from day chilling to being faded into the night under the stars.

Bogani gardens

If you’re looking for a place around CUEA, African Nazarene and JKuat Karen, then this your number one favorite joint from now on, located in Karen. It allows you to make some sumptuous sandwiches and have them at the venue alongside a couple of drinks in your car parked by the green grass. The best part is where you can bring along your sheesha bong with you; make it out and smoke away the day with your squad alongside a couple of conversations and laughter here and there.

Hide Out

Located along Ngong Road.This place just brings your squad together to chill in your car at the comfort of jamming to your tunes and you get to have a sheesha session just outside your car for Ksh. 600. Whatever else is at the disposal of your car like drinks and food can also be consumed as well. If you are looking to have a good time as you chew away the night, this is your spot. You can conveniently have your bunch of muguka or miraa or grab a few shots at the booth upstairs. They also have well-made mouthwatering shawarmas just in case you would want to grab a bite of something.


This is your chilled type of indoor joint. Also another sheesha comfort zone. Smoking away to some good tunes in the company of a few other sheesha fanatics almost making the place a hot box.

The Village Market

Just before you get into the theatre place, there is a fine spot set aside with a cool shade that allows you and your click to relax and smoke away some good sheesha. It is also convenient for those who want to have a nice lunch by the outdoor scene and show off some few skill like how you and squad got style while you swipe away through your iPhones and laugh away the day.

village market

GP Carting

If you love cars, then GP Carting in Langata will raise your adrenaline. With 1300, per person, you and your friends can enjoy few rounds of excitement and later on cool off at their lounge with a cold drink.


Are you a cool kid? Where do you hang out? Tell us below.