Cool kids don’t have to be ridiculously rich but you can tell if a person is cool from the gadgets they own. Cool kids are not cliche and do not do things the ordinary way.

Below are some of the gadgets that are a must have for Nairobi’s cool kids.

Play Station 4


This is something all the modern kids yearn for, you will find them at game lounges playing play station but this is a must have for a cool kid in their house! As a matter of fact a PS4.



Blocks modular Smartwatch lets you add features by simply adding links to the band. It’s capable of receiving phone notifications, voice control, and activity tracking, with a full-color touchscreen, wireless radios (Bluetooth and WiFi), and an on board battery good for up to 1.5 days of use. You can, of course, extend the base features by simply adding new modules that come in the form of bracelet links. For the first roll-out, five types of modules will be available, namely a battery module (each one extends life by 20 percent), a heart rate module, a GPS module, an NFC module, and an adventure module (gets readings of altitude, pressure, and temperature).

Well you must be a cool kid if you have one!

Light L16 Smartphone Quality Lenses

Described as “the world’s first multi-aperture computational camera,” it’s able to trim down the size by ditching the large sensors used in traditional pro-quality cameras. Instead, it uses multiple smaller sensor and lens modules, whose individual captures are automatically combined to create a single 52-megapixel image.light-l16-2

The Light L16 uses a total of 16 of those modules, with lenses ranging from 35 to 110 mm, each one taking snaps at different focal lengths. All of these modules are installed in one side of the camera’s smartphone-like form factor, with a touchscreen display sitting on the other side that functions much like the screen on any other digital camera. Because the camera computationally stitches the different images, you can choose the depth of field, focus, and exposure for the picture right after you press the shutter, giving you even greater control of the final results.


Even better, it comes with built-in WiFi and runs Android, so you can use the camera in conjunction with a wide selection of apps and even post images online directly after each shot. It can also record 4K video (it uses just one module, so no stitching), at either 35mm, 70mm, or 150mm effective focal length for watching on your 4K smartphone.

Slated for release in the summer of 2016, the Light L16 is priced at $1,700 in the US, if you want to be considered a cool kid you should be planning to buy one!