Cool Looks From The 90’s Inspired #ThriftSocial5


The last edition of the thrift social held on the 25th March 2016 at the Rosedale Gardens Kilimani.

Thrift Social is an event series providing a platform for creativity and the exploration of Art, Music & Fashion, while giving inspiration for innovators in the creative industry. The event is also a platform for vendors to not only exhibit & sell their wears but to also network with creatives & tap into the changing tide that is the Kenyan culture – in the same contexts of Art, Fashion & lifestyle.

Here are a few looks that stood out at the event:

Ombre braids

Having two hair colours is quite cool and ombre braids help achieve that temporarily. The black and green looks amazing on this young lady.

ombre braids 

Head wraps

Bad hair day or not, what used to be referred to as Vitambaas in the 90’s have come back redefined and make for good hair accessories.



Denim will never stop being cool from before the 90’s till date. See how Barak Jacuzzi wears a denim jacket effortlessly?


Oversized vintage prints

I doubt these will ever go out of style either. This lady rocks an oversize mutli-patterned vintage shirt with nice laced pink rubbers.


He kept warm in his oversized black and white coat, yellow hoodie and ripped jeans.

download (4)

Colors and more colors

Men are throwing away the greys and embracing colour. Barrack jacuzzi and Shappa man embrace color 90’s style!

 download (2)

Pig tails and twin cornrows

These two made these looks that 90s kids rocked look much better. Threaded pigtails were common for little girls. The lady on the right got her hair threaded with blue yarn making the hairdo cooler.The twin cornrows have come back with a bang as well though better modified.


Oversized pants

Your brother’s loose pants could do your outfit some good. They prove to be comfortable, the ladies below hacked this look with brassieres and oversize denim pants.


Round-shaped Sunglasses

Nothing says 90s more than these shades.

download (5)

Will you be going to the next Thrift Social? Keep it Varcity to find out more.

Pictures courtesy of Ojwok Photography.