Corona Virus in Africa! Updated list of countries affected with Corona

Corona Virus is spreading so quick that even countries in Africa seem to be worried. The death toll of patients diagnosed with the virus increases to over 3000 cases. Some African countries have also reported their finding on patients diagnosed with the virus.

Which African countries have confirmed coronavirus cases?
North of our borders, there have been seven cases reported across Africa. The affected countries are:


Togo- 1
South Africa-7

Most cases that have been reported in South Africa seems to be coming from people who came from Italy. Italy has recorded a large number of patients diagnosed with the virus, a move that led the pope to address the Catholics through skype.

How To Prevent Corona Infection

  • Wash hands often
  • Avoid touching face
  • Stay home when sick
  •  Cover coughs and sneezes
  •  Disinfect surfaces

The Kenyan government through the CS of Health records that no cases has been reported in Kenya so far. They have already finalized the preparation of hospitals bays where the suspected patients can undergo scrutiny to identify whether they have the virus or not.

Philippines have recorded 49 new cases of those that have tested positive. This seems to be worrying as prominent people find themselves in the verge of the virus.

The South African cases have been alarming and most African countries are now considering stopping flight to S.A to prevent the virus from infiltrating in their respective countries. This can reduce the number of infection in Africa.


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