Counter Terrorism Youth Conference at Kenyatta University #IYAAT2016


The International Youth Action Against Terrorism Unit is carrying out a discussion conference gathering young people to find ways to curb terrorism. The conference organized by IYAAT Development Unit is being held today for the first time in Kenya at Kenyatta University main campus.

An online discussion on the matter highlights poverty, unemployment, injustice, corruption and low levels of education among other things as reasons why terrorism comes about as well as why the youth are often involved in it. All these things would cause a young person to be desperate making them easily vulnerable to being dragged into acts of terrorism.

Youths think that one of the top ways to counter terrorism is by involving them. They also feel that provision of employment opportunities would help in the end of youth radicalization. With the terror attacks that have been taking place in the country this conference offers as a good educative and awareness program for the young people in Kenya.

What do you think the youth can do or can be done for them to counter terrorism?