Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Mbuvi has said that the jobless youth working as co-conductors will permanently be employed by the county to man the bus termini to be used more after the matatu CBD ban that starts on Wednesday the 20th this month.

The banning of matatus and other public service vehicles in the CBD has created approximately 1,000 jobs meaning that idle youths will no longer be making noise and aggressively grabbing people and forcing them into buses or matatus.  Sonko posted on Facebook.

“In the spirit of inclusion and participation, my administration will be employing over 1,000 Traffic Marshalls in the next few months,”

Some people are happy about the ban seeing as they don’t want to be stuck in traffic for hours anymore though others are not happy about the long distances they’ll have to walk from their new stages to school or work.

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“This ban is uncalled for and very unreasonable. It is not possible and we shall not move even an inch unless we are consulted,” the matatu association chair told The Star.

The governor has asked that everyone co-operate and abide by the new rules so as to ensure a smooth transition into the new system.

“This is only going to be possible by all players agreeing to cooperate to adopt a new way of operating, especially in the way passengers are picked and dropped,” Sonko said.

“Decongesting Nairobi will translate to more revenues for the Matatu sector, while ensuring our residents move faster and more freely, to build our economy.”