cr7Messi is King, yes. King. Real Madrid Fans booed off Christiano Ronaldo and his wingman, Gareth Bale for mean play. The Ballon D’Or winner opened the scores against Rayo Vallecano. Ronaldo got his taste of jeers (he’s used to them anyway) after he wasted a chance when he could have passed to Morata.

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As he got booed for his selfishness, The Argentine legend narrowed the gap between him by scoring against Espanol as Barca excelled towards the La Liga title. Messi now has 23 goals compared Cr7’s 28 goals despite his 3 month injuries that gave Cr7 a leeway to win the Ballon d’Or. Despite his quick catch up, Messi also has 10 assists (only 2 adrift the Assist leader who has 12 assists). This is a clear sign of who the El Pichichi crown bearer is.