Corruption cases have continued to be reported in the country . Since the appointment of Director of Public Prosecutor Nordin Mohammed Hajj, the crackdown on corrupt individuals have been witnessed in the limelight. Though many Kenyans would wish to see the prosecutions of those perpetrating corruption, the process is still in a slow pace.

Most people who are subjected under scrutiny derail the process by blocking their prosecution at the courts of law. The whip has been striking former government officials who misused public funds. The call for a lifestyle audit among public officers also played in. Some politicians have branded the fight to be political which  D.P.P Hajj refutes.


On a Friday afternoon, the crackdown landed Kenya Revenue Authority at Times towers after four months ago the taxman recorded some rogue activities at the country’s revenue offices. About 75 officers, were arrested and charged in court . Their colleagues attended the court session in solidarity with them.

Sources from the Kenya Revenue Authority have attributed that junior staffs were appointed at the K.R.A to monitor activities though most people say those charged in court are victims and the bigger fish has been left untouched.

The suspects are expected to answer question relating to tax evasion . It is reported that they connive with various stakeholders who pay less amount of import duty as expected. On issues pertaining Tax Compliance Certificate, domestic taxes, have also been brought forth in their arrest warrant that they were given. The crackdown is expected to happen in all K.R.A offices within the country.

As the scrutiny and arrest goes on, the only hope Kenyans have is one day we will wake up to a corrupt free country….Only time will tell….