Crazy Things Fans Have Done For The Love Of Football

(Last Updated On: July 13, 2018)

With the Word Cup ongoing in Russia, we can’t help but notice some of the stories being shared of the extreme measures fans have gone to, to watch the world cup.  Most football fans worship their teams literally and the players and would do anything to see their teams play. However, this is not the only time fans have done crazy things for the love of football.

We compiled the best but craziest;

1. Fan Hires Crane To watch After Being Banned From The Stadium


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Ali Demirkaya was banned from the stadium for 12 months. This meant that he would not be able to watch his favorite team battle it for the win during the match. The Turkish man went ahead to hire a crane so as to watch the match from outside the stadium. His team Denzlispor was not about to miss an ardent supporter from watching them play. Ali opted not to clash with the authorities but instead go to greater heights, literally and watch the match. His team won 5-0 so it was worth the hiring.

2. Brazilian Fan Has His Team’s Jersey Permanently Tattooed On His Body


Crazy Things Fans Have Done For The Love Of Football

The hardcore fan can never take off the jersey of his favorite team. Mauricio Dos Anjos decided to cover the entire upper half of his body with a tattoo of the team’s jersey. Mauricio who is a fan of Flamengo took 90 hours of work split in 32 sessions to cover 40% of his body. The tattoo is well complete even with the club’s emblem on the left side of his chest and the number 10 tattooed on his back.

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3. Mexican Man Lies to Wife He’s Buying a Pack of Cigarettes Only to Fly to Russia

This one took in the win for the best lie of the century. Antonio Garcia reportedly told his wife that he was going to buy a pack of cigarettes only to fly to Russia to support his country. The ardent football fan confessed to have saved money for that particular trip but he had to chip in with the lie as the wife would not allow him to fly to Russia to see El Tri play in person at the Confederations Cup.What’s worse, Garcia apparently spent his life savings on the trip and even injured his Achilles heel before the final leg of his journey to Russia.

Crazy Things Fans Have Done For The Love Of Football

4. Man Divorces Wife For Mocking His Football Idol Messi

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40 year old Arsen divorced his wife of 14 years Ludmyla for reportedly mocking his football idol Messi. Ironically the two met in 2002 during the world cup but the 2018 world cup was what would cause the rivalry and lead to divorce. During Christian Ronaldo’s and Lionel Messi’s game, the two were supporting separate teams and when Portugal won, Ludmyla kept teasing her husband about Messi’s loss to Ronaldo.

Arsen could not take it anymore when the wife went ahead to tease Arsen again over Argentina’s gameplay during their tackle with Nigeria and ended divorcing his wife.

We always appreciate football fans going to great lengths for the team they love but in this cases, they went a bit too far!


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