Secular music industry is going top day by day from singles to collabo’s ans this is a good thing for our country.

The two in one hit maker has decided to be all creative in the newest single named Usipime Mwanaume and is hitting the airwaves of our very own radio stations and is also played on our Kenyan television stations.

Naiboi is a Kenya musician that used to be known by the common name Rap damu and ever since he decided to change the name, things have been good for him.

He is known for hit songs such as Formula,Gudi Gudi and Dinda.

The new song is a love song and in the song he is asking on what he is supposed to do to get a lady’s attention.

Check out the latest song:

In a song that has already hit one hundred thousand views, other musicians like Nyashinski took his time to comment on the new single.

Check out reactions from fans: