Yes, even men are capable of catching feelings towards other men.

The Real Madrid  have not yet forgiven Gareth Bale for his monumental miss at Mestalla and are still angry with the Welshman. It was that counter-attacking move in which Bale failed to look to his left to put Benzema through on goal. The Real Madrid squad will not forget such a golden scoring opportunity easily.
Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema both made their feelings very clear to him out on the pitch. Both the Portuguese and the Frenchman berated the Welshman for going it alone and at several points in the game appeared to talk among’st themselves about Bale’s selfish decision. Their gestures, which were caught by ‘Cuatro’ TV’s cameras, left no room for doubt. Real Madrid went from taking the lead to trailing by a goal in the space of just five minutes, which made Bale’s mistake all the more relevant.
The Welshman hung his head as his teammates chewed him out for not passing the ball. He did not look to the sidelines either when Ancelotti angrily gestured towards him from the technical area. He knew full well that his choice was going to haunt him later on. The Real Madrid players are not angry with Bale for not scoring, but for the decision he made. However, Ronaldo also missed an absolute sitter for Real Madrid.
Forgive the kid,he is trying his best!!
Courtesy of Marca.