Be a Dad, Not a Deadbeat

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2014)

Blood is thicker than water. So it is expected that the relationships people have with their parents or relatives are rock-solid. Less fueds, less arguments and no holding grudges. Apparently, that’s not the case in most homes.
Mothers are sleeping on the job nowadays when it comes to child-care but  most blame falls on the fathers. The Deadbeat Kenya page proves it.

Being a bachelor is fun. You can sleep on the couch, have random one-night stands, have your hommies over and your money is yours to spend. You can even go to the extent of not having to go to bars, you can have one inbuilt in your house. But when you’re in a relationship, all these privileges become obsolete, or at least controlled.

When you two have a kid it becomes a joint venture. The responsibility lies in both your hands. Do not run away from that responsibility, not because ‘utaanikwa deadbeat kenya’, but because running away makes you a sissy who doesn’t deserve to be called a man. If women conspire to castrate you, to some point it’s justified because to be honest, you have no balls!!Man Up!

Caring for your kid has its perks.. ;You get to watch him/her grow, teach them the ropes. Even if the mother opts to abandon her roles, stand firm. Single fathers are a major turn on to women. They show you can commit.

Even when finances are low, every cloud has a silver lining. Be the man you wish your dad was. Be a father, a good one!!!

 by Vix
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