Going for a match has always and will always be a time to recharge. A chance to catch up with friends, with your favorite team or player and maybe even a few drinks here and there to celebrate. It’s never that serious on the court; well unless you’re playing, but that’s not the angle we’re going with today.

This past weekend was one of those unwinding days at University of Nairobi Grounds where basketball fans gathered to watch their favorites’ games. The game went normally with the usual commentary and shouting from fans but this was not taken well by the referee presiding over it.

Referee Kaunda, as the people on social media have referred to him, allegedly confronted a fan for telling him to call a foul during the game. His words were “Wewe ita fouls bana!!” and these remarks rippled anger in the referee causing him to threaten the fan with a dagger once the match was over.

The referee, who is a part of the Kenya Basketball Federation, has apparently been marked by the basketball fans for being one close to anger and easily triggered during matches. Most of the attendees took to social media to express their grievances about the reluctance of KBF on the issue but no statement has been heard from them since.

As someone who frequents different matches and games, safety is always at the top of my list in determining my attendance or not. The organizers of the event should always be the one ensuring that the safety of all in attendance is guaranteed and not be the once causing the danger. It’s sad to see fear being evoked in an area where one is meant to be at ease the most.

We hope the Kenya Basketball Federation takes legal matters into their hands, as they should, but if they don’t, what next?

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