The social networks are filled with vitriolic posts as Kenyans fight over their differences in opinion after the Mpeketoni Attack.The unfortunate incident has created a major disunity among supporters of Cord Nad Jubilee. Something that singer Dan Aceda says has to be “avoided”.

The Afrofusion star said, “There are three symbols of unity in KE. The flag, the national anthem and the President. It’s sad when the holder of the office deviates from this role. No matter what, the first job of this office is to keep us together.

He added, “Our role, as citizens is to continually find ways to pull together and avoid things that tear us apart. We should also never fear to ask our government to deliver on the roles we have asked them to play. Because, if a government fails, everyone suffers no matter who you voted for. ”

He concluded, “Strive for good governance. Demand it. Mpeketoni residents called for help for 5 hrs and nobody came. This is not good governance. We deserve a lot more.”