loveLove is a four letter word with the greatest influence on earth, it brings people close and if mishandled its other enemy checks in and separates the individuals way apart. Hate is another four latter word with massive influence if allowed to dwell within our inner beings. we choose to love someone or to hate someone. The intention of God was us to love and the intention of the Evil one is us to hate on each other. this two principality are at work in our different institutions.

We’ve often thought that christian babes and christian dudes have such a boring relationships. they have a lesser scope of things to do as they relate because they have so many¬† DO NOTS. Dating in a christian university is an experience worth trying out. those in love have the chance to discover things outside the body and all they can actually come up with more creative ways to relate and to enjoy each others company. Say going shopping together, skating, going movies and when dusk checks in, they separate to their various destinations. by the end of the day this two would have spent a lot of time together and excluded¬† intimate physical encounters with each other.

Students In this institutions are given limits of what to do and what not to do just to teach them on the values of Christ when it comes to love. this values are adopted by the individuals and practiced but later they become a natural foundation and a lifestyle when it comes to dating. they try to differentiate between the institution of marriage and the institution of dating/ courtship. it’s very interesting that i have seen this relationships graduate to marriage in holy matrimony and to a happily there after life though with mishaps here and there. this is to tell you no one is perfect, both the christian relationship and the secular relationship have setbacks due to the different cultures.

Dating in a christian university enables couples to leave out some piece of cake which will be shared in marriage.