Well, class is where you find the most vast group of people and with such a large group as 100 per class, you cannot lack a guy or girl that catches your eye. We humans are prone to build relationships, friendships that in a way build us or break us. So keep calm, it’s normal. As you venture into your new found quest to start a relationship with that guy or girl you’re attracted to, here are some pros and cons you should consider Pros :
1;You will virtually see that person every day because most likely you share more than half of your units. This provides ample time to learn that person, know what bugs them and what makes them smile
2;Whenever you’re not in class because of one reason or another, you can count on your girl/boyfriend to have notes ready for you to dub. It may also work in your favour if you miss out on a cat. Yes, love does that to you.
Every coin has two sides. Dating in class may have its perks but it may also come to bite you in the ass. Worse is, this is not one of those miniscule pinches that will pass with time,.. Depending on the guy/girl, you might become the next school legend, a story that even freshers who enroll in January will catch wind of.
1;Concentrating in class will be hard. In your ” honeymoon ” phase you won’t want to keep your eyes off your significant other and thus the lecturers will be of no interest to you. End result,several Supplementary exams. Steep price to pay
2;Once you start dating,you suddenly become visible to others in school,it’s like you just got born and the temptations start. Mostly from the friends you’re introduced to. These are traps and if you’re not too cautious you will fall head first into them.
3;Absence makes the heart grow fonder. The only absence you will have from your significant other is toilet breaks and when you’re sleeping. Yes, you guessed it, you will get tired and eventually you will break up.
4;In the event that you break up, class will be unbearable for you both . Manchester United will have better luck scoring than you concentrating. In the long run, your education will be tampered with and your career with it.
I can’t stop you from dating from class, just don’t say I didn’t warn you:-)
By Vix