David Wonder Ditches EMB Records Days After Mr. Seed Announced His Leave


There is trouble in paradise for gospel singer Bahati and seems the artistes he has signed are leaving his record label one after another.

Just recently, the gwara gwara hit maker, Mr. seed took to social media to share news with his funs and followers that he has decided to leave EMB records to focus on building his own brand and later it was revealed that the reason why he left the record label is because they had a disagreement with Bahati and wife.

People have been attacking Bahati’s wife on social media ever since the secret was revealed and some even say that she will be Bahati’s downfall because of her attitude.

Well, David wonder seems to have followed  suit on the issue. The ndogo ndogo hit maker even decided to change his name on Instagram from David Wonder EMB to David Wonder Kenya and deleted all the photos on his gram page.

In a phone conversation with Mambo Mseto, the please call back hit maker confirmed that there have been issues in the record label and that they had been given a chance to choose whether they wanted to stay or leave and that is when he decided to leave and try building a brand for himself as David Wonder.

We wish you all the best David Wonder.

Check out the video: