redThey call it the month of love But what is love if you do not share it with anyone.? Downcast are some because they have no one to show them that they are loved but its possible for you to show someone else that  they are loved. Valentines is not about us always, actually its never  about us. Love is one thing that is to be shared and not consumed selfishly. you sit there downcast because there is no one to splash love on you, but i want to challenge you, go show the love you want to experience to someone else. This act of kindness brings such immense light within our being and joy. It will brighten you as well as the other person. Its about time we share the love,lets take the flowers,the chocolates and sweets to others. the same things that we wanted or we desire to be done to us today are the same things i challenge you to do to someone else. Love is in the air. Let it remain in the air forever. Paint it red comrades,lets paint it red indeed.