Daystar Culture Week Run Down

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2016)

This week marked Daystar University’s culture week. During the week, it was clearly symbolized that Daystar is a melting pot. With students coming from different nations of the African continent and even some who are from other continents such as Asia and America on exchange programs.

On the first day of this special week, the theme of the day was sports wear and the students and lectures were expected to rock different sports wears representing the different sports they are all passionate about. The aim of having people do sports wear is to encourage that school is not only about campus but it is also a big player in ensuring that students don’t lose their skills in the different co-curriculum activities.

The second day was themed with the #crazywear. Here the students showcased their insane sides in terms of fashion and choice of clothing. The day was meant to show students that campus life can sometimes get a little crazy but you should always try not to completely lose it.


On the third day, the theme was that of #professionalwear and students did find ways of looking professional in what they wore. The day was to encourage students that if they worked hard enough, they would own some of the best suits and official dresses and suits to look the part that they will be playing in the different professional fields that they would be working in.


Finally on the day that the week would come to an end the students took #TBT to another level. The theme of the day was #schooluniformwear and everyone tried to remember the primary schools and high schools that they went to. It was a good way of looking back at how far they have come from and how far they are capable of going if only they set their mind to it.

This fourth and last day was also the day where the best community/country would be judged according to their performancesin dance, music, and art and cooking. Also, students get to showcase the very best of their cultural attires on this gala night.


From the Maasai to the Kikuyu community

Daystar University does not leave out communities from out side the Kenyan realm like the Congolese;


And even the Burundians;


This culture week was a blast and students can only remain enthusiastic about the next one.







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