3580.19737.file.engOver the years, Daystar has been known via different accolades, being a Christian institution, having the only gospel student radio, being the best in communication in Africa, etc. Now this has led to the attraction of students from all walks of life, but it has taken a new twist. How often do you see a foreign community so large in numbers in a university in Kenya?? Not as much I suppose, but daystar has also taken the mantle in this. With the recent advertisement aired on local channels, you can see just how the focus of attraction has changed. The institution seems to have an urge to make a mark in the international sector, but it’s hard to find a reason. Maybe being the university that charges the high fees has something to do with it? We wouldn’t know, but it’s truly working for the University.  Daystar has welcomed more Africans over the years but Americans and Asians are also increasing in number as the semesters go by.

As much as most of them are on exchange and not permanent students it’s a wise to note that they are being exchanged at a high rate and a global village is in the making.

by Humphrey Waweru