Daystar University Media Week Rundown


Daystar Media Week is an annual event marked at Daystar University Athi River Campus, to appreciate, promote and preserve the media culture at the higher learning institution.


What is the Media Week About? 

The media culture is what Daystar University is well known for, as evident most of today’s media personalities making it big such as the likes of Johnson Mwakazi and Lilian Muli.


Various activities

Daystar Media Week entails displays of media activities:

  1. The varsity’s newspaper called Involvement, that is both accessible on hard copy and digitally whose features are but not limited to technology, business and lifestyle.
  2. The radio station Shine 103.1FM a student and/or community based radio that is geared towards radiating life through the Gospel, an online business magazine called
  3. The Founder an online business magazine that’s purely about entrepreneurship.
  4. Political Avenue. Where it is pure discussions on politics, both national and student leadership. It also organizes debates such as the upcoming one: The Great Debate on 18th October and social media campaigns like previous hash tags: #TransparencyNiMimi, #PayTeachersNow, #DaystarLetsTalks among others.

In other news, the whole event was a showcase of Daystar’s Media projects with the aim of creating awareness about the above mentioned media activities.


The event was not only limited to communications students, but also other fields were present to either give moral support or actually participate in the activities.

Outdoor games were a highlight of the events. Competitions ranged from sack races to video games. The excitement and mood of the Daystar students has been quite overwhelming.

Student in the sack race
Student in the sack race

Acts of charity were also seen at the school. Group of individuals were spotted selling cupcakes at an affordable price, with the aim of raising funds for a hospital visit.


Pizza was also at the sale. It was like a mini bake sale with a good cause. The week’s event was closed by a gala night, where people mingled and had a good time.