10 Tenders have been flying out and about from Daystar University, in the last couple of months with the knowledge of the students except the security service providers. Lavington Security has taken over from the G4S security in the institution.

The change, which has caught many by surprise, took place on Friday at midday. Many who went home during the weekend have not seen the men in green at work. The main concern of the students however, lies on the quick change that occurred, and many are worried that their may be a slack in work efficiency since they had a short time to be taken through the hoops of service.

Another thing that has caused a stir is that the university had a student’s baraza on Wednesday the 29th of January and none of it was mentioned by either the student government (DUSA), or the university Vice Chancellor who was in attendance.

The intriguing thing however is that the prime manager, Mr. Kennedy Kidevei, who is in charge of the agents in the Agent’s division of Nairobi south branch, was actually a guard at the institution when the university was starting up. Mr. Kidevei recollects some of the main journalists at KTN passing through during his time.

One thing that however, stands out and may bring an ounce of confidence to the students about the new guards, is that they can call the manager directly incase of any misunderstanding with any of the guards and he will avail himself for dialogue.

With the new change, the students can only sit and watch if the new service providers will be any better than the former.