Both the Nairobi and Athi River campuses of Daystar University closed on Friday following student unrest witnessed at the campus. Students were ordered to leave the school grounds immediately.

Everyone thinks that because Daystar students are going to a private university, they should have no reason to ever complain about anything because they’re better off than all the people who go to public universities.

For years, the varsity’s students raised complaints over the poor services that the private university offers via the student government.


The student government let the students know that it’s actually the administration that refuses to listen to their complaints.

The students had enough and blamed the current VC Timothy Wachira asking him and the rest of the admin to admit that they weren’t willing to listen to the students. The VC scheduled a students’ baraza for 29th of November to discuss the issues students face but the student government refused and planned a peaceful protest from the 16th. After the closure of the uni, the student government rallied students in the main courtyard then GSU officers were called to ‘calm the situation’.


Students refused to leave within 15 minutes as they were asked to and remained seated. One officer fired a warning shot then teargas was used to disperse the crowd, the students fled off campus and the officers continued to fire shots and teargas at the students.

When all this was done, the officers headed to the school’s dining area to get some food, right after terrorizing the students of that university whose fees paid for that food. And using buses meant for the students too.



Daystar University’s administration recently cut off Daystar University Student Leadership’s internal mailing system. Student leader Karwira Karimi, claimed Daystar University’s Parents Association Chair, Dorothy Ng’ethe, advised her not to take part in the protests and then making some tribal remarks. We can only hope that the students’ grievances finally get heard and something is done about the alleged poor conditions in the varsity.