From the usual distant learning, to DIY YouTube tutorials to today’s smartphone degrees that is a new and exciting form of acquiring online university courses. Potential students hoping to enroll in tertiary education have now been provided with an innovative yet effective and efficient form of customized education.

A new form of distant learning has recently been introduced in Daystar University in conjunction with OneUni. OneUni Inc is a company that is geared towards turning smartphones into classroom seats by providing a mobile learning platform.

smartphone education

Bachelor of Arts in Education and post graduates’ diplomas in Education for teachers is the first of its own to enjoy this customized education system at Daystar University.

This form of distance education will definitely advance and revolutionize education, through providing learning opportunities for all, especially those that can’t do physical campuses. Digitalizing the current tertiary education systems will give a chance to many who can finally pursue knowledge to achieve goals in their lives.

Not only will this achieve sustainable development through ensuring Kenyans acquire education but also has much business potential, like the likes of innovations like Mpesa started from somewhere and now one of the many reasons why Kenya’s economy has grown.

Smartphones are progressively becoming the first preference of the masses, because of the ease and flexibility characterized by smartphones. Easy and low priced availability of smartphones has made education possible for even those who could not pursue it owing to lack of finances.

Students when asked about mobile learning, there was positive potential acceptance. According to one student, she thinks it will benefit her, if she had opted for such a form of education. Her key word was efficiency. One would achieve so much with sufficient resources. Quick feedback from lecturers and campus visits are just too expensive.

We can conclude that the adoption of smartphone to pursue degrees is the most convenient: the ease and comfort of not purchasing all those books and handouts. This is an affordable and spontaneous form of acquiring knowledge.