Daystar University Student Radio Launches It’s First Handbook

Daystar University’s’ official radio station, Shine FM 103.1, launched its first staff handbook on the 15th of February 2016.

The handbook is the very first of its own. Through the efforts and ideas of managers from the different departments that include; News, Programming, Production and Cooperate communication the handbook provides a point of reference on the standards and the direction the station needs to take.

With the handbook being a new blessing just like when the station went online last year in July, the staffs embraced it and were excited to start the journey that will be reviewed five years later.

About Daystar Student Radio 

The station has been running since 2003, under the management of students. The station gives a platform for students both from the Athi River and Valley road campuses particularly those that are passionate and talented in radio production to sharpen their skills in broadcast and print journalism.

Just like any other organization, the station is run with the mission of extending Daystar’s ministry with the aim of transforming people through a relevant and unique bible-based program and the vision of transforming lives through information, education and spiritual nurture.

Since it is a gospel station, the core values that stand out are;

  • servant leadership
  • excellence
  • Christianity

Those working in the station are expected to use it to understand the fundamental requirements when working in the station and also applying for the managerial positions.

Daystar Campus-Radio


Some of the requirements include; completion of some units of both production and broadcast journalism, a two-year credibility in the station and also social and academic discipline. In terms of rewards, the handbook spells out the requirements for those allegeable to get a certificate at the end of every academic year.

These requirements are; the ability to have ten pre-recorded shows, four feature stories, two documentaries and good working conduct throughout the year. The launch was attended by Prof. Levi Obonyo, who is the Dean of the School of communication, Mrs. Rosemary Kowuor, who is the H.O.D. School of communication, Mr. Eric Kadenge, the station’s patron and Mr. Perminus Mburu who is the studio’s technician.

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