Daystars’ administration have now taken it upon themselves, from last years’ semester in 2015, to be involving the parents in the examination progress and grades of their children.

For a long time, the Daystar administration and examination board has been providing students with their transcripts in hard copy until they found out that the students never showed up to inquire about the transcripts on the units they have completed and the grades they managed to get or even pick up the transcripts at the end of every academic year.

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Changes in place

Therefore, a new strategy was put into place. With the world now being termed as a global village, those who have managed to take their children to institutions of higher learning like Daystar University now have access to the internet network.

This allows them to interact with the school through emails or they have phones with at least minimal technology that gives them the messenger application in order for them to get messages from anywhere in the world.

How it works

Through the phone or mobile numbers offered by the parents or guardians during the admission of the students plus the email addresses, send ensure that parents and guardians get the results of their children based on the examinations and number of units, taken by the student that semester.


This move has created both friends and enemies for the school, parents and students.


For some students, it was the worst that has ever happened to them. This is because a good number of students, stay in school for a very long time, which results in them milking their parents money in the name of school fees and general up keep.

For others, since they know they are poor in most of the units, their parents receiving results stands out as a modifying move for them. Others just enjoy keeping their academic journey to themselves regardless of them being very good or poor performers.


With all the hullaballo around campus, I think a little mystery in campus never hurts anyone. It helps you know more about yourself, gives you independence and the understanding that after this you will be all alone in the world.

All the best to my fellow Daystarians, keep the faith!

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