Daystar’s Finest; DJ Nephas


He is one of Daystar University’s finest. He stands tall with an afro and a husky voice. But when he gets his hands on the Dj decks, you won’t believe the power that he possesses. Eric Njuge, also known as Dj Nephas is a respectable Dj both in Daystar and beyond. In an exclusive interview he shared some of what you might not know about him.

VARCITY: What course are you taking and what year are you in?

Dj NEPHAS: I am taking electronic media as a major and I am in my fourth and last year in Daystar University.

VARCITY: Where did this interest to Dj come from?

Dj NEPHAS: It all started with the interest and love for music and when I discovered you can do something different with music apart from singing then I took up the challenge.

VARCITY: For how long have you been a Dj?

Dj NEPHAS: I have been a professional Dj since 2012. But I have been a Dj for seven years.

VARCITY: Does Daystar being a Christian institution limit you as a Dj?

Dj NEPHAS: I don’t take it as a challenge. I take it as a good platform. This is because with Daystar’s reputation, I am able to land good deals and good gigs too.

VARCITY: Do you in cooperate gospel music in your mixes?

Dj NEPHAS: Of course I do. Being a Christian does not limit me to what I can do with my skills. I understand that my relationship with God and my relationship with my music are two different entities and I respect both.

VARCITY: Where in Kenya have you had some of your best gigs?

Dj NEPHAS: Thika, coast and Machakos. The shows were totally sold out and the audience was amazing.

VARCITY: Are there any top Dj’s you have worked with?

Dj NEPHAS: I have worked with both Dj Joe Mfalme and Dj Crème De La Crème twice. Both experiences were great.

VARCITY: In case your career as a Dj fails, what would you take up?

Dj NEPHAS: I would venture into music production. Thankfully the Kenyan music industry is now getting more diverse. You can have different careers but in the same industry.

VARCITY: Which Dj do you look up to?

Dj NEPHAS: Dj Simple Simon and Dj Crème De La Crème.

VARCITY: What can you not leave your house without?

Dj NEPHAS: My earphones and flash disk.

VARCITY: Any last word to those who want to be Dj’s?

Dj NEPHAS: It takes a lot of courage, wisdom and patience for you to be a Dj. If you love it, then make the vow that it is only death that will do you part.