Two identical girls who suspect they were separated at birth in 1999 in Kakamega County will soon find out if they are indeed related.

Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, who reunited on Tuesday last week in Furfural village, Likuyani, Kakamega County, made an emotional plea for a DNA test. Their prayers seem to have finally been answered.

The matter caught the attention of the Kenya Medical Research Institute (Kemri), which on yesterday expressed willingness to fund the DNA testing process.

Now, The Directorate of Criminal Investigations wants the Kakamega twins  riddle reported to the police and investigated.

“Our attention has been drawn to the much publicized Kakamega twin puzzle and we are committed to launching forensic investigation into the matter” says a DCI statement in response to the trending Kakamega twins riddle involving two families.

The DCI has urges the families to report the matter to Kakamega police, pledging to act on it immediately.

“We believe forensic investigation will establish if any criminal act was committed or any mitigating circumstances that may have led to the present status,” statement reads partly, adding: “We encourage and appeal to the families concerned to please report to DCI office in Kakamega to facilitate investigations.”