Justice Jessie Lessit death Sentence to Ruth Kamande has once again brought to life the question of what it means to be handed the death penalty in Kenya. It has got many people from the common mwananchi to the politicians wondering if it was really fair to her.

Now, the last executions were carried out in Kenya in took place in 1987 when Hezekiah Ochukah and Pancras Oteyo Okumu were hanged for treason. In 2009, all death sentences in the country were reduced to life sentences giving second chances to over 4000 death row inmates.

However as much these executions no longer happen, death sentences are still passed. What that means is that the prisoner will never know what freedom feels like again for the rest of their lives unlike those who get a life sentence as they still have a chance of possible releases if they prove to have changed for the better.

Such means that the beauty queen is now likely to watch her whole life go down the drain. Her beauty now remains the only thing that’s likely to save her from the harsh sentence as it seems like most people think it could help her do something with her life like modelling.

Human rights agencies have vowed to fight for her as they say the sentence was too harsh and undecerved irrespective of the crime she committed.

Ruth Kamande first made it to the news in 2015 after stabbing her cheating boyfriend 25 times killing him on the spot. She received a death penalty last week to serve as a lesson to other teens according to the judge.