deepest underwater wedding collageHow deep is your love? For bride and groom Hiroyuki Yoshida and Sandra Smith, theirs is 130m below the surface of water. This is clear in their decision to have the deepest underwater wedding in Lake Song Hong, Thailand. This was not your regular caliber type of wedding. To pull out the fete, the couple along side the minister, best man and second witness had to undergo six month of intensive training on diving despite all being diving instructors. It took the party eight minutes to arrive at the venue: a cave 130m below the surface.

The ceremony was carried out as any other complete with exchange of vows and platinum rings. To prevent the rings from slipping and falling into the alien darkness, they were tied securely to Pekka, the second, witness by a line. The lines were only cut after the rings had been slipped into their respective fingers.

Ben, minister for the day then directed the groom to kiss his bride. Despite being several meters under water and breathing using breathers, the couple threw their breathing apparatus and their lips locked in a seraphic kiss. Of course they got their masks back and then swarm 6 more minutes out of the venue but not before signing their marriage certificate!

The wedding party emerged on the surface after 3 hours 10 minutes in the water. They had sank as Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshida and Miss Sandra Smith but surfaced as Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida. To receive them were their family members, friends and locals who had come to witness. They had not witnessed the wedding in person but they had witnessed the setting of a world record for the deepest underwater wedding. Now that is a wedding!