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(Last Updated On: March 13, 2014)
PLEAS1. Finishing Your Meal with the LAST
piece of meat.

2. Getting in bed when its raining
hard and stormy outside.

3. When something stuck in your
teeth finally comes out.

4. Managing to finally sneeze after
trying unsuccessfully for over 4

5. The Moment You see the waiter
approaching with your food.

6. Finally lying in YOUR OWN bed
after an exhausting
day or night out.

7. Waking up suddenly, checking the
clock and seeing that you
have plenty of sleep time left.

8. The other side of the pillow.

9. Visiting a friend and finding food
at their place. Plenty of it.

10. The smell of clean,dry clothes
straight from the dry cleaner or
hanging line.

11. Making a baby Laugh. Over and
Over again.

12. Watching Your best friend
stumble and fall in the streets.

13. Getting an MPESA text from a wrong number

14. The Moment when its too hot in
bed and you stick out one leg
and catch some cool,cool air.

15. That moment in a public Bus
when Your favorite song ends
exactly when You’ve reached Your

16. Having a serious itching at a
certain spot on your back,trying to
reach yourself and scratch yourself
unsuccessfully and finally
getting scratched by someone else

17. Clean,Fresh bedsheets/ bed
covers on Your bed.

18. Finally removing Your bra after
getting home.

19. Going to bed immediately after
taking a shower.

20. Holding a baby and watching
them sleep.

21. The smell of sand when it starting drizling.

22. Finding a toilet,ANY TOILET ,And
finally being able to pee/poop
after being pressed for over 2 hours.

23. Asking a question on Google and
seeing it
finish your words, meaning there are
out there wondering the same thing
as you.

24. Finding money You NEVER knew
You had at a corner of your

25. Angrily banging your phone
across the room,rushing to pick it
up gently,inspecting it carefully only
to find that NOTHING,
Absolutely NOTHING has happened
to it.

26. When a Baby holds Your finger
tightly in her tiny hand as You
walk in the streets or market.

27. Doing something for hours, then
to Your phone and finding it full of
text messages and missed

28. Laughing so hard You cry. Or
laughing so hard that no noise
comes out…You are just there
shaking like an idiot and holding on
to Your poor stomach.

29. Taking a cold beer a hard day of work

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