Degree Ni Harambee


University education is no longer a preserve of the bright and untouchables but rather it’ s a case of survival for the fittest as everyone resorts to whatever means they can to ensure they get the very much coveted university degree.

While university education is supposed to be a learning process it is turning out to be breeding place for cheats and lazy people. All of us who have been to campus know of someone or even ourselves, resorting to using dubious means to make it in University. Education in campus has turned out to be some sort of harambee, where we bring in whatever little we can get from wherever we can just to get out with that degree.

Those in universities have resorted to every available trick to make sure they get their degree. Not to mention, from exam cheats to students-whores, the rot in our universities goes much deeper than we talk about.

Some ways in which people can get their degrees;

  1. Sleeping your way

Many students sleep their way through university to get their degree. Also known as ‘sex-for-marks’. An MKU lecturer was last year caught in a video having sex with a student.

An MKU lecturer with a student. Scandal was released in March, 2014
An MKU lecturer with a student. Scandal was released in March, 2014

Maggie, not her real name, from a city University admits to having sex with her lecturers in order to get better grades. As if not enough, she has says she has a different man for every different need while at the University. Unfortunately this is not only exclusive to Maggie alone, but a majority of campus-goers can’t escape this ‘harambee degree-thing’.

2. Buying your way


This is Kenya and you can buy your way through anything. It is possible to buy a degree for Ksh. 125,000. This will have you in the line-up at the graduation ceremony, gracefully receiving the degree with other graduands. So if you see someone you do not recognize at your line-up, don’t be surprised.

3. Copy your way


This is the most popular method.  Various people are known to be the exam cheats. Every single exam, they must have a mwakenya or have the notes in their phone. When lecturers leave the exam room, the students quickly remove their ‘stash’ and begin copying every word.

This whole circus in our universities is more than a story to be told but rather factual and even worse than talked about. It leaves you wondering if University education has a different meaning.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done or seen in campus? Tell us below.