DAYOLast year the Daystar sports committee sat with the Daystar vice chancellor who promised to do something about the Daystar Hockey pitch. Certainly he did something about it but then the progress is as slow as it can get. The pitch, which started being worked on in late November is still way behind schedule and has a long way to go.

The Team Manager says that the team’s expectations were crashed as they set in for the New Year and the new season as they had expected it to be done and ready to be played on by January 2014. However, the contractor who was given the job is still under scrutiny for doing a poor job.

According to the team manager, the drainage system and the way the foundation was laid down is still an issue and the construction may end in March this year.

The team has being training on unprofessional grounds ever since many who have played hockey here can remember, as they are usually occupying the daystar bus park as their training grounds.

This has brought a big challenge for the team to invite others for friendly games, which would sharpen their skills.

Adding to a lack of proper grounds they also have no coach. The team has been coaching and training themselves for a long time. Many would use this lack of proper facilities to under perform but the daystar falcons have come out to make a mark.

The Boys hockey team is currently playing at the National league, while the girl’s team is still in the KUSA level. Both teams have defied all odds, as they have to share the grounds as they train. The boys hockey start off their season on the 18th of January with parklands and they look forward to another tough season but aim to finish top of the table above the 16 teams in contest.

The team can only hope that the construction takes quick feet for a better chance to win the title. We wish them all the best.

BY Humphrey Ngugi