Shortly after Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, news emerged that DeMarcus Cousins was getting traded from the Kings to the Pelicans, a blockbuster move that has dominated NBA talk. The deal will send Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, Tyreke Evans and some picks to Sacramento in exchange for one of the most skilled big men in the game.

On Monday’s episode of “Undisputed,” Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe reacted to the news, and Bayless explained why he believes the Kings may have just agreed to the worst trade in NBA history.

I am dumbfounded by what just happened. After the All-Star Game, about four days before the trade deadline, this actually happened. And the harder I look at, the worse it gets.

“I think the Sacramento Kings just might have made the worst trade in NBA history. In NBA history! Because they just gave up a top-10 player.

“I know he’s got his emotional roller-coaster issues, but a top-10 player who has the potential to quickly mature into a top-5 NBA player. And in return, the Sacramento Kings got a former fourth overall pick who has never made an All-Star team. His name is Tyreke Evans, and he’s coming off three knee surgeries in the last 18 months. Really?”

He continues to say;

“And they also got a Buddy Hield, and I’m on record with this one. He stayed all four years at a school that I love and watch, University of Oklahoma. Stayed all four years, which is a bad sign, which is why I said he’s being overrated. He went sixth overall to New Orleans and has been nothing but a disappointment this year, and I fear for him because he’s going to be viewed as the linchpin in this trade. He is now going to be on a hot seat up in Sacramento he does not want to have to sit on, and I fear that Buddy Hield will further crumble under the pressure.

“Finally, we throw into this deal Langston Galloway who is a decent bench player, and they did get a first-round pick — but I think it’s going to wind up being in the middle of the draft — and they did get a second-round pick. But that’s it? For DeMarcus Cousins, the best big man in basketball?

Kings forward Anthony Tolliver stands to benefit from the Cousins trade, at least in terms of getting more playing time. He promised one Kings fan on Twitter that he and his teammates will “work our tails off” for the team’s supporters, many of whom are disappointed at the dumping of its best player. Tolliver also reminded everyone that “this is a business first,” perhaps a reference to the difficult decision Sacramento eventually would have faced about whether to give Cousins a $200 million contract or lose him for nothing in free agency(Cousins has one season left on his current contract and can become a free agent in the summer of 2018). New Orleans will be able to offer him a five-year, $179 million extension in July.