Dennis Muhanji, Kenya Harlequin’s center, has been excluded from the fifteen aside training squad prepared to tackle several international assignments.

Allan Omuka, KCB’s back three, is also not in the 39- man team. He is, however, he has been slotted in the Kenya ‘A’ side. Unfortunately, Muhanji and Kabras’ scrum half Edwin Achayo do not feature anywhere else.

Dominique Habimana, coach, says that they left him out because he was already playing for the Kenya Sevens. He also goes ahead to say that they are considering Omuka for the Elgon Cup but Achayo is suffering a long term ankle injury.

The Kenya fifteen is set to start its international fixtures with a home test against Portugal on May 30 preceding a match with Zimbabwe for its first African Rugby Division 1A fixtures. This will come before their send division 1A encounter with Tunisia on June 28th. They will then play on Spanish grounds with the nationals on July 18 before winding up with a division 1A match home to Namibia on August 8.

Habimana goes on to say that they will need to recruit more players for the Elgon Cup as so far only eleven have been selected for the Kenya ‘A’ training squad to go up against Uganda.

Kenya kicked Namibia and Madagascar to the curb, 29 and 34 respectively at the African Cup which coupled as World Cup qualifiers but, after their loss to Zimbabwe 10-28, they weren’t as lucky.