Many wish they were consulted concerning what family they would be born in. this may arise due to so many issues happening within your family both primary and secondary and for a moment you wish you were not part and parcel of it. It also leads to you comparing your family with the one you admire and you long to be in that ‘perfect one’. Some have gone to the large extend of disregarding their parents because they believe that they do not deserve the steps and the experiences of how they were brought up. True to the word is yes, you may not have experienced the best childhood moments in your family but, that does not give you the mandate to disrespect or disregard you parents in whatever state they are. Some are wealthy, jobless, drunkards, poor and irresponsible. Interestingly, we are expected to honour them and love on them with all they are ‘filthiness’.

The choice they made of keeping you alive and trying to provide for you is reason enough to always appreciate the little effort they give. You might be an unexpected baby but still they choose to keep you. I don’t believe in accidental babies, I believe that everyone was born as planned by the almighty. The big issue is not how or the conditions you were born in and raised, the issue is what are you doing about it? Are you forever complaining? Because that doesn’t help a dime or are you finding ways of making things better and at the same time respecting your folks and what they have to offer? One of the greatest promises in the Bible and one with a promise is that “we should obey our parents for it is the right thing to do” it carries the promise of us living for long in the world.

There is nothing like the perfect family, all we have in our families is good and at least we know the devil we handle in our family. We never know the devil in the ‘perfect’ family we admire, they might me more horrible than you can imagine. They say its better the devil you know than the angle you do not know.