Tanzania singer Diamond Platinumz is a couple of chains less now after one of his fans decided to snatch them during the first of edition of Wasafi Festival.

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DIamond Platinumz Gold-Diamonds chains


This happened while the singer was on stage at a place known as Mtwara in his home country, Tanzania. The Wasafi CEO was surrounded by hundreds of fans and in his own words, he wasn’t worried about the chains as he thought nobody would be able to pull them off his neck.

However now that it happened, he says he isn’t worried about it and he already gave them up to the lucky as a blessing. The “Kwangaru” hit maker told a Tanzania based radio that may be God wanted him to lose them as a sacrifice for the support his fans have been giving him.

The chains which he says he bout in the US were made of pure white gold and diamonds and were worth around Ksh1.8million. That’s like someone’s private car but oh well, he is rich that’s it’s not so much of a big deal to him.

Next time I’m sure his security will be tighter.