Did Love Change From Being Blind To Naked

You are probably in love and you hope and pray that this time around this will last forever. He or she is your one true love and spending the rest of your life with them does not sound very bad. You are finally understood and this person can literally finish your sentences and thoughts for you. You are in sync and nothing can possibly come in between the two of you.

Yes, such is love, beautiful thing ain’t it? You have become intimate and very close, that awkward feeling you used to get every time you had to go visit the little girl’s room is no longer there.

You are comfortable to walk naked in front and around of each other after all, what hasn’t he or she seen?

All is good until you get the urge to do something more exciting to make this relationship less monotonous. You will do your thing until your bucket list of ideas is all out. What else other than to freeze those beautiful moments, after all, it is said that if you want it to last longer, then take a picture. So you go ahead and capture all the romantic moments together. What we do not seem to understand is when did naked pictures of your partner become romantic? Of course, he or she will promise never to share the pictures with anyone, their little well kept secret. So you pose for the camera. He becomes the certified photographer and you become his muse and he explores his creativity through you. All the pictures are saved in a secret folder and only you and he have the password.

All is good until thatvery ugly break up, you did not see this coming and so you break down. In the heat of things,you say some unforgivable things to each other and your true love changes to the deepest hate. You decide that you are going to get back at them, make them feel sad and miserable like you did when he or she broke your heart. This is the time those safely hidden pictures come in handy. Without any thought of how this may scar your partners reputation, you upload all the pictures and wait for the aftermath.

Throwback to 2007 when Kaz graced all the social media sites with her undoubtedly beautiful body. Well, the men loved what they saw, but lets be honest who wants such pictures of themselves out for every one to marvel at? Whatever drives a person to take such pictures is questionable. However, let’s all get to know that this is a digital world and once such a picture of you is online? It will get viral. Be afraid be very afraid.

BY Snyder

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