Diploma holders will now take longer to complete degree programs after the regulator ruled that universities will enroll them as first years.

The students were in the past allowed to enroll as second or third years, depending on the nature of the diploma and its relation to the degree course applied for, on a credit transfer system from the colleges to universities.

At the moment, someone with a C- and C in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is admissible to a diploma course, those with C+ and above to a degree program, while those with D plus and below can enroll for a certificate.

The chairman of CUE Chacha Nyaigoti Chacha said the guidelines were being reviewed in collaboration with universities.

 Prof Chacha said.

“We want to remain a regulator and universities have a duty to ensure that their programs meet required standards. 

Most universities did not have in place policies to guide credit accumulation and transfer system but they continued admitting students on credit transfer. In most universities, the credit transfer was left to the relevant departments to apply their own discretion when granting transfers to students,” stated a CUE audit report released in February stating that only 8 out of 31 public universities had followed the regulatory requirements on credit transfer. The audit showed that some universities were offering bridging and pre-university courses on the basis of which they admitted students into degree programs.


Via: dailynation