DIY Projects to keep you busy on election break

As we all know, the elections are coming. This has earned many students and some people who are working a slight break from their schedules. Here are a few things you can do to keep busy while having some fun during this period.

  • Upcycle magazines

Do you have tons of magazines lying around at home? You could use these to make some crazy wall art for your bedroom or living room.

All you need is old magazines, glue and wood or cardboard to act as the frame and background for this.

You may want to draw an outline for what you want on the cardboard or wood first for neatness purposes.

  • Sparkle mugs

Do you have those boring plain mugs at home? Well, you can add some sparkle to them to make them look better. Get some glitter and glue from the supermarket and frame the area you’d like with glitters.

  • Tyre seats

Tyre seats are the easiest and most fun DIY projects to do. Find an old tyre, paint it whatever colour you desire and find a cushion for it and voila! You have yourself an extra seat.

  • Transform that boring mirror

Everyone has a plain or cheap mirror in the house. You could transform it by re-painting it to the colour of your choice using spray paint to make it look classier.

  • Pompom Rug

Have you always wanted to knit but just couldn’t? Here is a way to make yourself one of those knitted rugs using pompoms, see how.

So stay safe this election period and keep busy with this DIY projects! Do you have other ideas? Let us know below.