DJ Joe Mfalme: The Self Taught DJ With A Passion For Cars

Being a public figure is one of the most sought out things by young people nowadays because of the fame and prestige that come with it. Some people, even with the fame, still manage to keep modest. Joseph Mwenda Monoru, better known as DJ Joe Mfalme is one of such celebrities. Taking a little time of his busy schedule, he gives me a chance to know a thing or two about him and his journey.

During the interview at Capital FM offices
During the interview at Capital FM offices

DJ Joe Mfalme‘s dream of being a DJ started far back when he was just 13 years old. Even with his parents challenging this, as any parent would, he pursued nothing else. They wanted him to study a course considered prestigious like law but even with the difficulty that came with convincing them, he grew into his current profession.

He didn’t attend DJ school, he is self-taught. He got the opportunity to learn on the job with MO sound and grew his skill as he went on. Even with the challenges that he came across in developing his career like little access to equipment and resources his excitement for the chance to learn made him overlook the difficulties.

DJ Joe Mfalme and his fans
DJ Joe Mfalme and his fans

Having studied animation at the Shang Tao Media Arts College, DJ Joe Mfalme strongly states that he would never take up anything else as a career. “There’s nothing as good as doing what you love, “says DJ Joe Mfalme. Being a DJ for him is fun, it’s why he does it and does it well, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

It isn’t all fun and games for this DJ; he really does take what he does seriously. His online presence is quite appealing and together. He outlines the importance of this as an artist. It helps to reach a target market that most people have not looked into yet. He also states that radio, television and newspaper ads can be costly; going online is free and faster and provides for one on one interaction with his fans.

DJ Joe Mfalme on the decks
DJ Joe Mfalme on the decks

This interaction for many celebrities often goes south and stalkers sprout from such. DJ Joe Mfalme however does not let this get to him and simply dismisses them by blocking them online. As a DJ, he is also a believer of good musical content. He says that even when he plays a lot of local music, the quality of it is key. To keep fresh mixes getting to his audience, DJ Joe Mfalme says that he researches at least two hours a day.

His job isn’t his only love. This man is really attached to his car. Aside from loving cars generally he tells me that he worked pretty hard to get it and there is a secret history with his Subaru Legacy. “Hiyo gari haijawahi tuangusha,” he says with pride.

He found it hard to state his achievements when asked but said that playing at The Big Brother Africa for four years straight was memorable. He is also working to build an entertainment empire. What is more important to him however, is his journey, where he has been to where he is now. He concluded:

“I am grateful, but not content,”



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