Popular gospel sound boy Dj Mo was yesterday involved in a scuffle with traffic police in Naivasha. The deejay was driving around the town when he was flagged down for driving a tinted vehicle.

Troble began when the cops allegedly tried to extort a bribe from the gospel heavyweight who would have none of that causing a scene in the midst of it all. The police are said to have roughed him up before arresting him and taking him to the Naivasha police station where he recorded a statement and released later.

The deejay who was accompanied by his wife at the time posted this on his social media “By the way this happened along the Naivasha – Nairobi highway after I refused to pay a bribe, allegedly driving a car with tinted windows, and when I agreed to go to the police station I declined the officer riding in my car since there’s no law that states that. He he, my wife is good in taking photos.

And I believe this has been happening to many motorists along this highway. I think something should be done as soon as possible.”

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Dj Mo will be arraigned in court for driving a tinted vehicle.

My question is..what will they do to the cops who were allegedly asking for bribes??