DJ Mo Defends Wifey’s ‘Tiga Wana’ Video

(Last Updated On: November 29, 2016)

DJ Mo has come out to defend Willy Paul’s recently released video, Tiga Wana, featuring his wife Size 8 Reborn. The new video has come under heavy criticism for drifting from conventional gospel music.

The top gospel DJ maintains the packaging might be different but the word conveyed is the same.

“Watu wangu vipi – I mean this from my heart. We are living in a day and age when throwing mud at others makes our hands feel cleaner. A generation of Christians with PHD, pull him or her down syndrome…. The enemy of the church is the church and the enemy has succeeded to make believers turn against each other and to do whatever it takes to make sure neither of them rises.”

He continues to say,

“ I have been on the forefront in advocating for content in music and that will not change anytime but am also of the school of thought music is an art it’s about expressing the same idea in a creative yet entertaining way to capture the intended audience. The children of Israel in the wilderness complained to God when he fed them with manna everyday they asked for meat and another day bread (Numbers 11:4) they were tired of one meal….The generation out there won’t feed on worship songs alone and I’m a greater lover of worship and praise songs… they want the word packaged in different ways….Paul said when he went to Rome he did as the Romans to win a few.”

Dj Mo insists that there is no way of winning the world unless artists package the gospel in a more appealing way to their hearts.

We are all for creativity and packaging of artistic work but aren’t some antics a bit of a stretch? I for one think that all the showboating in gospel music videos is becoming too much and frankly, diverts the audience’s attention from the intended core message of the song and visuals.

It is so easy to get caught up in all the flashy accessories and other shenanigans going on in the video. It also seems like there is less content in the music with time. Other than the catch phrase, nothing much is said to advance the word, just dance moves and gimmicks.

The gospel music scene has become a cash cow of sorts to artists. Capitalizing on catch phrases and a groovy beat just to get airplay has surpassed the core purpose of the music being a venue for spreading the gospel.

Nobody is trying to pull down the gospel music industry or artists, but we just have to be real. What is being churned out isn’t gospel music, it’s time we allocated an appropriate name to it.

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