Djs Finally Get Some Recognition!!!

Truth be told the only times we appreciate DJs is when they play our music,send us shout outs on air or play us a happy birthday jingle in the club when its our birthday.
Well..Times are changing.If you are a dj, then you should be smiling because there’s something coming soon on Tv just for you. A series by djs for djs titled BEATS AND BREAK.
Gone are the days when every tv and you tube series about entertainment was all about musicians, this is strictly for djs. A brain child of Dj Gordo, aka the rock guru, beats by break will be focusing on djs showing their skills (beats) while being interviewed and opening up about basically anything, from DJing to their personal life (Breaks).
The show which will premier on youtube on 4th of November, has got interest of a major regional cable TV network in East Africa and talk of it being aired  on the network are underway. Here is a teaser of the show

I am anxious to see which DJs will be included..

By Vix.